Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Concrete steaming

Here's a video of the tense few minutes when we took off the forms.  Notice the steam rising from the curing concrete.  It was warm to the touch. There is some surface level honeycombing at the bottom of the wall that we should be able to patch.

The Pour

It finally happened.  After delays caused by weather, materials, and last minute structural changes, we finally got the walls poured last week.  The results were almost entirely positive (with some minor honeycombing issues in the concrete).  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  All in all, we are pleased to have spent the extra time and money to experiment with the "barn-form" finish and think its going to add a really unique look to the project.

Approach view of walls in hillside

Interior view of the wall before pour

Barn form boards being installed at lower walkout locations.  The interior wall has the boards oriented vertically where the external finish has the boards oriented horizontally.  Looking good D & D.

Last minute reinforcement at steel column locations.  Thank you Chach!  No really....thanks for this information as the concrete trucks are pulling up to site.

Is it a concrete pump truck or a transformer?  I need to get one of these for the sandbox.

Concrete being delivered to back of pump truck.  There were five trucks for a total of 45 cu. yards (we only ended up using 40 cu. yards)

Pump hose extended

Marlon, one of the D's, and Rick pouring and compacting the concrete.

And now for what everyone's been waiting for.....

.....Enough said

Now on to the STEEL!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Main Level Views


The shelves next to either side of the fireplace are to be custom made from reclaimed barn wood that we are using for the "barn-form" concrete finish.  The fireplace is rebuilt from the existing house with river rock from nearby Big Buffalo Creek and a grinding wheel from nearby Boyler's Mill.  The vertical faces of the pit seating will be "barn-form" finish.  The in-situ built-in seat will be faced with wood trim with throw pillows.