Saturday, June 23, 2012


The sliders were finally installed this week.  To go along with the install of the metal roof the week prior, we are now weather-tight.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Standing seam metal roof

The standing seam metal roof was installed this week.  We choose a commercial grade snap-together standing seam system with a 1 3/4" seam by McElroy Metal.  This provided the greatest performance and weather tightness with a factory applied sealant placed at seams, although we did have to make a few compromises on trim details.  We had hoped to "wrap" the back eave where the roof folds into the vertical wall with a seamless transition (w/ mitred ribs) to enhance the aesthetic of a folded plate.  Unfortunately because of concerns over metal expansion and the risk of water infiltration at this point, we opted for the safer detail of a continuous eave cap, but made sure this piece was as narrow as functionally possible to create a crisp and narrow line at the transition.

Vertical panels

Custom trim profiles at eaves and clerestory windows

Standing seams wrapped at eave