Sunday, June 17, 2012

Standing seam metal roof

The standing seam metal roof was installed this week.  We choose a commercial grade snap-together standing seam system with a 1 3/4" seam by McElroy Metal.  This provided the greatest performance and weather tightness with a factory applied sealant placed at seams, although we did have to make a few compromises on trim details.  We had hoped to "wrap" the back eave where the roof folds into the vertical wall with a seamless transition (w/ mitred ribs) to enhance the aesthetic of a folded plate.  Unfortunately because of concerns over metal expansion and the risk of water infiltration at this point, we opted for the safer detail of a continuous eave cap, but made sure this piece was as narrow as functionally possible to create a crisp and narrow line at the transition.

Vertical panels

Custom trim profiles at eaves and clerestory windows

Standing seams wrapped at eave


  1. The sealant you put on the seams can add tightness to the whole foundation of the roof. With that, you can rest assured that the roof will be able to hold against the most severe weather conditions. And because it is a metal roof, it will deliver excellent weather resistance and good insulation.

    *Richard Boles

  2. That was some project! And looking at the photos and drafts, I think you and your team did an excellent job on this. Everything looks polished and refined. The roof and the trims and panels are perfectly installed, which to me denotes fine workmanship.[Lino Kosters]

  3. Looks like you thought of it quite well! It’s really important to plan all the details from the very beginning so that you could avoid costly mistakes. It would also make the time and effort worth the work. Anyway, the roof looks great! The guys really did a magnificent job building it.

    @Chantay Smithingell

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