Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's getting hot in here....

I made a short site visit over the Fourth to check on the status.  Unfortunately I timed the visit in the height of the heat wave scorching the Midwest and it was a balmy 103 F!  It had been over 6 weeks since my previous check-in and a lot has been completed.  The standing seam metal roof/wall are both installed.  A majority of exterior wood siding is complete with a prime coat of stain/sealer.  The final coat will be slightly darker.  The glazing system is all installed as noted in a previous post.

Interior Panorama from Kitchen

2x6 tongue and groove plank floor over 4x12 beams
View looking back from the Master Bedroom
View from Master Bedroom

On the interior, the first floor has been laid.  All-in-all it went down well and the 2x6 t&g planks seem to provide a sturdy floor with very little spring.  We are also diligently laying the exterior deck floor with care to align the boards with the interior floor to create a seamless transition from interior to exterior.  We are using blind deck fasteners to alleviate board upheaval and nail pops.