Friday, April 27, 2012

Window frames delivered

So the window frames have finally been delivered and they should begin installing the beginning of next week.  Framing the rough openings took a bit longer than expected as the construction tolerances needed to be spot on (within 1/4") to make sure the continuous transom was dead level to fit the doors and windows.  The glazing system we selected is a thermally broken, aluminum storefront system with front set glass.  It will have a 1" IGU (insulated glazing unit) with a "low-e" coating to help with thermal performance.  The frames will be installed first with the IGU's to be ordered after field placement and any adjustments.

High performance low-emissive coating
Window frames

Monday, April 9, 2012

More progress

So the folded profile of the house is really starting to come together.  D&J have finished the framing for the front deck and are busy preparing all the openings for the windows to be installed hopefully by the end of the month.  They have also set all the 4x12 floor beams so you are beginning to get some feel for the spaces.  We also met with the metal roofing rep and should hopefully have some progress on that front for the next post.

Lower bedroom with Barn-form concrete walls and 4x12 Cedar Beams

Knife plate connections of 4x12 cedar beams over top of steel w shape

Afternoon view over pasture from entrance

Enjoying a cold one on the deck while surveying the land

Cherry Tree

So we chopped down a large cherry tree on site with hopes of using the wood for a mantle and/or furniture and unfortunately it was hollow.  So there goes the long mantle.  We may still be able to use the wood for some smaller "disc" tables with a live edge.   Otherwise we're going to have some really nice firewood.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Roof Deck and Knife Plates

Well I figured since I'm getting ready to go down for the next site visit I ought to give an update of the previous visit.

J&D had started a variety of details for my review.  The most critical perhaps is the integral box gutter that we have designed to drain the roof deck portion.  Because we didn't want any scuppers or exposed downspouts we went with the integral gutter with the downspout concealed in the lower wall construction.  This had a variety of potential hang-ups but it all came together and performed well in the first downpour.
EPDM roofing membrane
Box gutter through notched beams
Downspout concealed in soffit/wall

The other detail that I have been really excited about is the knife plates to join the cedar beams to the steel w shapes.  Here's what we designed and it turned out great.  These will all be left exposed

Knife Plate dtl

Knife Plate over top of stl. beam

Knife plate at stl. beam web